Switching to GA4 on Shoptet

Start measuring duplicates to classic Universal Analytics on an event based model in GA4. We’ll help you with that on Shoptet too!

How to set up GA4 on Shoptet?

Shoptet does not yet have official data layer format support for GA4 (May 2021). By combining the use of an existing data layer and scraping information directly from the Shoptet template, our team has managed to create a usable solution that will allow your Shoptet eshop to scale into the new Google Analytics 4 reports.

Official migration to Google Analytics 4 directly in the administration is not yet possible. Our team will be happy to help you with the migration from Universal Analytics (GA3) to GA4.

Are you wondering whether to migrate to Google Analytics 4?

Currently (May 2021) it’s not about a complete migration to GA4, but starting to duplicate existing event tracking into GA4. And when to take the plunge? As soon as possible.

At the same time, we recommend to start gradually preparing the entire marketing and data department for the new event-based dao philosophy that Google Analytics 4 brings. The latter can be a major headache for less mature projects.

Our analysts are happy to help you with the transition and training to Google Analytics 4. It’s also a good idea to already start reporting some parts of your marketing and user interactions from GA4 data, where we highly recommend creating a Google Cloud project and enabling Big Query export of raw data right after setup.

You can read more about our current opinion in our GA4 blog post.

Currently working modules that we are able to port to Shoptet:

  • Add_payment_info
  • Add_shipping_info
  • Add_to_cart
  • Begin_checkout
  • Entrance
  • Purchase
  • Remove_from_cart
  • Select_item
  • View_cart
  • View_item
  • View_item_list
  • Your custom events

We are working on transferring other information – such as internal promotions on the e-shop.

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