David Šugár

web & data analytics

About David

At Archetix, I work on web and data analytics. So I have an intersection into both business specialisms. In the web space, I mainly work on Google Analytics 4 implementations and setting up measurement systems using Google Tag Manager. In data analytics, it’s processing and downloading systems via Keboola. Then editing and analysing data in BigQuery and then visualisations.

I’m in charge of managing Keboola, where automatic downloads and data transformations occur, so I fix any errata that arise. I also take care of managing Google Cloud and BigQuery for our clients. Of course, I also partially handle the clients’ accounting.

Currently, I work mostly with Martin, who has taken over the role of Team Leader. At the same time, I am constantly in contact with the rest of the team

Thanks to web services, clients have an overview of what is happening on their website. So they get a general overview and basic data about their site. They can make decisions based on the data.

With data services, clients get a complete overview and report of what is happening in their marketing and on their website. We create BI reports (smart reports) for them by automating, pulling data from their CRM tool or from their accounting expenses. Then they have all the data in one place, linked together, with the results of deeper analysis.

Popular tools and services

I mostly use classic sheets, GTM, GA4, Looker Studio, Keboola, the whole Google Cloud (BigQuery database, Dataform) and GitHub.

But I like to use Keboola the most, because it has amazing support and it’s not a problem to finish or track down anything there. On the other hand, I can’t rate the creation of custom pipelines, which I have never created there. I only work with pipelines that are already created, or modify Michal’s

Then I also really like using BigQuery because everything is connected here, it’s quickly linked to Dataform and everything is easy to manage.

How did it all start?

I learned about Archetix through a client of mine from a previous job. Based on the work I did on the client, I applied for an open position. I moved from a marketing agency that did everything from SEO to analytics. So it was a big change for me because Archetix focus closely on web and data analytics. That’s something that attracted me the most in this position, I wanted to focus more deeply on data analytics. Of course, being from Brno, the occasional commute to Pilsen is quite a challenge for me.

In the future, I would like to focus more on BI analytics, including customer analytics. It is also the most difficult one, because it includes most of the analyses such as customer grouping, filtering, engineering, recommending clients about their investments and more. It simply affects the client’s entire business.

Hobbies and interests outside of work

Most often outside of work I travel, spend time with friends or both at the same time. Occasionally I like to play games on the computer, the last one that caught my attention was Baldur’s Gate.

Of course I also like movies and TV shows, everything from military to comedy. At the same time I like sports very much. I like floorball and airsoft, but floorball is definitely the top for me.

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