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TrueClicks is a leading online platform that helps advertisers optimize their Google Ads campaigns. With TrueClicks, you can get a comprehensive audit of your account, identify and fix issues, and access actionable insights to improve your performance. Whether you are a small business owner, a marketing agency, or a large enterprise, TrueClicks can help you achieve your online advertising goals. TrueClicks is trusted by thousands of users worldwide who use their platform to save time, money, and hassle on their Google Ads campaigns.

Client needs

TrueClicks as a SaaS product company were solving a problem with data tracking. The principle was simple. TrueClicks has their own site built on WordPress which is a website containing information about the main product, pricing, help, chat, company information and so on. The more interesting part of their website and the main part is the product itself which is a web app placed on their subdomain. That was the main part of our job

The goal was clear. TrueClicks wanted to know who their customers are, how they behave and how they use the app focused on online advertising. There was a need regarding the new dataLayer implementation and consent rate revision. And that’s something that we know and that we do.

We were looking for an experienced and reliable partner for everything related to tracking on our website and in our application, and were happy that a trusted partner referred Archetix to us.
From the start, it was clear the team knows what they’re doing.They ask the right questions, make sure all angles are covered and provide thorough documentation and support. 
As privacy-friendly and accurate measurement becomes increasingly important and complex, I can highly recommend hiring Archetix to make sure it gets done in the best possible way. That way, we can focus more time on our marketing efforts and making sense of the (now) accurate data.

Wijnand Meijer,
Co-founder & CEO at TrueClicks

Project scope

We conducted an onboarding and audit project for the client, which involved the following tasks:

Revision of Google Tag Manager (GTM): We reviewed the client’s GTM account and made sure that all the tags were properly named, organized, and configured. We also removed all redundant or outdated tags that were no longer needed.

Creation of documentation: We created detailed documentation for the client’s GTM, GA4, and implementation processes. We explained how each tag works, what data it collects, and how it integrates with other systems. We also provided best practices and recommendations for maintaining and updating the tags in the future.

Guidance for proper GA4 implementation: We helped the client set up and configure their GA4 property to be more useful. We set up new events for GA4, tested them, connected them with parameters and values and started with sending events to GA4.

Reimplementation of consent banner: We reimplemented the client’s consent banner using Cookiebot consent banner, which was implemented together with the new GTM container. We made sure that the consent banner was compliant with the GDPR and other privacy regulations, and that it respected the user’s preferences and choices.

Technical guidance for dataLayer implementation: We provided technical guidance to the client’s developers on how to implement and improve their dataLayer, which is a JavaScript object that stores and passes data to GTM and GA. We corrected some of the biggest mistakes that were affecting the data quality and accuracy, such as missing or inconsistent variables, incorrect event triggers, and duplicate or conflicting data.

Example of push:

         'step': 1
         'options':'fill contact info',
         'client_type':'Agency/ AdvertiserInHouse/AdvertiserHiresExpert',
         'company_size': '1 / 5 / 20 / 21',
         'currency_code': 'EUR/USD'
         'country_code': 'NL/..',
        'user': {
           'customerId': '123',
           'id': '123', // if id for a user is already created use that one
           'hash': 'dd55d56w6erwr2ew32r6' // sha256 from lowercase trimmed email
           'email': '', // naked lowercased trimmed email
           'subscription': 'Trial/FreePlan/PaidStripe/PaidInvoice/PaidStripeExpired/PaidInvoiceExpired'

         'colleague_hash':['dd55d56w6erwr2ew32r6', 'dd55d5dddr2ew32r6, 'dd55d8998532r6'] // sha256 from lowercase trimmed email

_clear: true; // the parameter that precedes the recursive merge of individual objects, i.e. the products object is always overwritten by an object from push


Current data quality check: We performed a thorough check of the client’s current data quality and validity, using various tools and methods such as Google Analytics Debugger, Tag Assistant, Data Studio, and custom reports. We identified and fixed any issues or errors that were affecting the data collection and reporting, such as missing or broken tags, incorrect filters or goals, or mismatched tracking IDs.

Revision of MarTech tags implementation: We reviewed the client’s MarTech tags implementation, which are third-party tags that integrate with other marketing platforms and tools, such as HubSpot, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag, etc.

Project outcomes:

At the beginning of our work with TrueClicks, the client only had conversion tags, events and a partially set consent policy. Our task was clear – to completely set up the measurement of valuable data in GA4, design the data layer, implement server-side measurement and solve anonymous tracking that provides information about the amount of data lost.

As a result of our onboarding and audit project, the client achieved the following outcomes:

We worked on the individual tasks without any problems and completed everything. The results of our cooperation are therefore very positive, we worked very well with the client, the communication was excellent and fast and our cooperation was absolutely seamless. It’s a pleasure to work with clients of a similar caliber and if TrueClicks would approach us again in the future with a new project, we will enthusiastically take it on.

If you are interested in what we can offer you as part of our services, just drop us a line! We will take care of everything you need from the first consultation to the complete completion of the project!

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